Tuesday, August 2, 2016

1996 Fleer Update

 1996 Fleer Update #U160

1996 Fleer was a nice change of pace for baseball cards. Gone was the slick UV coating on the cards and in its place was a matte finish. The cards still included gold foil stamping for the logo as well as the player's name, team and position. The matte finish made these cards perfect for autographs and while I never was able to get any autographed, this set still holds up as one of my favorites.

 1996 Fleer Update #U248

The Checklist cards were numbered as part of the set and surprise, surprise, Rey was given the real estate on the front of one of the checklists.

 Tiffany #U160

If memory serves me correctly, the popular Tiffany parallels were found one per box, so if you were trying to put a whole set together of these I would imagine one would have their hands full.

 Tiffany #U248

 New Horizons #19

These New Horizons cards look better in person than the scan makes them look...but just a little. The write up on the back mentions Ozzie Smith, a fellow short stop that Rey was often compared to in the mid to late 90's.

Smooth Leather #8

The Smooth Leather insert features a rather plain look, but Rey makes for a good inclusion in a set based on fielding skill.

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