Tuesday, July 12, 2016

1996 Leaf Studio

1996 Leaf Studio #14

When the Studio brand first launched in the early 90's the cards contained black and white portraits of the players. There posed images, almost like a family photo versus the traditional action photos. The brand would eventually change over the next few years as you can see with this 1996 card. For starters I like the full bleed photo and I like how the design retains that portrait like image. The back of the card cleverly uses the O in Studio for the obligatory head shot of the player. While the back lacks stats, at least there is a little bio write up of the player.

Gold Press Proof #14

As with most of the card releases in the 90's, Studio also has it's fair share of parallels. The parallel set was called Press Proofs. This is the gold parallel, limited to just 500 copies. This was before serial numbering caught on so while limited, it's not numbered. 

There is also a Bronze and Silver Press Proof parallel that I currently lack...or is it sitting in my pile at Check Out My Cards?

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