Tuesday, September 20, 2016

1996 Fleer Circa

1996 Fleer Circa #161

Fleer introduced Circa as a new set in 1996 and it was seemingly welcomed by collectors as it went on to last a few years before it was retired. Although I find the card fronts to be a little busy, I seem to remember buying a lot of this product. It seemed as if this was the first year that Rey was being compared against other notable short stops. This card's back mentions him as the successor to Ozzie Smith, the "Wizard" himself!

Access #24

The Access insert was one of the first folding baseball cards that I can remember. I'd previously seen this done with basketball cards (Collect-A-Books), but not in baseball. The card opens up like a trifold wallet, with the middle picture above being the first image you see when you open up the card. Interesting concept with some cool trivia info inside.

Boss #42

The Boss inserts feature the player on the fronts embossed. Not a new technology, but something that just makes the cards stand out a little more (no pun intended).


  1. Ah - I don't know if there's a set that captures the spirit of 90's trading cards quite as well as this one! So loud, flashy, bold and trippy.

    1. 1994 Fleer is the set for me that scream's 90's, although you are right about this set too.

  2. So many 1990's product that I'm not aware of... I've never seen those Access cards, the Ordonez looks pretty nice.

    FYI, there *were* Collect-A-Books for baseball...

    1. I vaguely remember baseball Collect-A-Books...thanks for the walk down memory lane!