Monday, July 4, 2016

1996 Scoreboard All Sport PPF

1996 Scoreboard All Sport PPF #60

I don't know much about the Score Board's history as a trading card company, but this unlicensed set hit on the heals of Classic's 5 Sport set in the mid-90's. The base cards don't feature any UV coating or foil stamping, which was a nice change at the time. However this set never appealed to me that much so I only picked up singles of Ordonez and a few other Hall of Fame players and moved on.

1996 Scoreboard All Sport PPF #197

Surprisingly enough, Ordonez received not one, but two cards in the base set! I prefer the picture on the back over the picture on the front. After all, Rey was never really known for his offensive stats.

PPF Gold #197

A gold foil original. Turns out I'm missing this parallel for card #60. How could I have overlooked that?

Retro #R10

Retro, one of the few inserts sets to chase done. All of the ornate design you see is gold foil stamping. Not much else to say about this card or this set. 

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