Monday, May 23, 2016

1994 Fleer Excel

1994 Fleer Excel #233

I was a big fan of Fleer in the 90's, but this Excel set never excited me as much as other minor league sets. The design is horrible. You can tell this is a great action shot of Ordonez at second base, but the sliding player is cropped out and there is no background. 

First Year Phenom #5

There weren't many inserts in this Excel set and that may be a good thing based off this one insert's design. Had they not screwed with the photo and just had a clean design it may have come off as a better looking card.


  1. I somehow missed 1994 Fleer Excel, and I can see it's just as well. That base card is just fugly.

    1. Yes, not some of the most appealing cards Fleer produced.