Wednesday, March 29, 2017

1996 Pinnacle

1996 Pinnacle #380

It seemed more and more card were going the more "premium route" in the mid-90's and Pinnacle was no exception. I didn't particularly care for the over design of the 1996 set, however I can appreciate an almost full bleed photo. Like most cards of Rey, this one captures him in the field in what appears to him getting ready to snag a ground ball.

Foil #380

I believe the entire set was also released with foil fronts. The card looks a little better in person than the scan, however these are magnet for fingerprints. Not the most engaging parallel, but whatever.

Speaking of parallels, the Starburst parallels use Pinnacle Brand's Dufex technology. They look fantastic in person and I'd love to pick up the Starburst parallel for my collection, however I've never ever seen one for sale. The comes I have seen recently for sale on eBay or even at COMC have been priced much higher than I would've expected. I also still need the Starburst Artist's Proof parallel to complete the 1996 Pinnacle collection.

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