Wednesday, June 8, 2016

1995 Upper Deck SP Top Prospects

1995 Upper Deck SP Top Prospects #96

Another "premium" set I was anxious to get my hands on. The die-cut tops may be simple, but back then they really stood out. Combine that with Upper Deck's good photography and certified autographs and collectors had themselves a set worth buying.


Looking back on this card now I still find it odd that this holographic sticker was placed on the front of the card. What was UD thinking?


There was also a promo for the autograph version of this card that for the longest time I didn't even know existed!

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  1. Not only did they put the holographic sticker on the front, they rearranged the various logos in order to give them a place to put the sticker - they moved the SP logo to the top of the card, and the Norfolk Tides logo from right to left.

    The photos almost look like they'ree being used on an unlicensed card, but there's a Tides logo and it looks like a mid-1990's Tides uniform he's wearing. Weirdness abounds.