Friday, June 3, 2016

1995 Classic 5 Sport

1995 Classic 5 Sport #104

Who doesn't remember Classic and their 4 Sport / 5 Sport releases, complete with collectible phone cards! It seems Ordonez stock was high enough to warrant a spot in the set, which doesn't surprise me as he seemed to be held highly by baseball scouts.

Printers Proof #104

There were tons of parallels in this set, starting off w/ the Printers Proof. Of course this is pre-serial numbering the cards.

Red die-cut #104

Silver die-cut #104

I love die-cut cards as much as I do shiny cards, but this just seems lazy to me. Especially the backs, look how the cuts almost go into the words.

There is also an autographed version of the base card and my master list says I have it, but it's not in my binder so I guess I'll put this card back on the Want List for now.

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