Sunday, May 29, 2016

1995 Bowman

1995 Bowman RC #140

This was my first official rookie card of Ordonez. I didn't have many options in my area when this card was new to buy packs, especially the more hobby oriented releases such as Bowman. I do remember oddly enough buying several packs of 1995 Bowman from a pet store of all places while on the way down to Oak Island, NC one summer as part of a youth retreat with my church. For all I know, the very card in I have in my collection may have been pulled from one of those packs.

I really enjoyed the 1995 Bowman design and ended buying a good bit of it (when I could find packs) as not only was I chasing this card, but also of Andruw Jones and Vladimir Guerrero.

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  1. I always did like those '95 Bowman cards. Andruw's was my favorite, of course!